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Tob3a’s bag tags are practical large-sized tags designed to keep track of the child’s bags. The bag tag can serve versatile purposes, as it can be attached to the school and gym bags, strapped to diaper bags or secured to luggage during travels.

The bag tag is 5.5 cm width x 8.7 cm height, almost the same size as a regular ID card. It comes with its own transparent case and key ring to extend its life in terms of extra cleanliness and preservation and allows for easy attachment to most types of bags.


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The bag tag is also offered as part of the nursery and school packages. It is also sold in bulk for a discounted price. And If you buy 4 bag tags, you get the fifth one for free.

It is easy to customize these Bag Tags with as many or as few details as you like. Besides having the favorite design and child’s name printed on the tag, extra customization can also be done in the form of adding the school’s name or parents’ personal number to provide contact information in the event of bag loss.

The transparent keeper is mainly meant to protect the bag tag from scratches and preserve its hygienic nature, thus kindly remove the bag tag and keep it away from water when washing the bag.

For the most frequently asked questions about the bag tags, press here.

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